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When we were lost by Kevin Wignall

Book Club Pick: September 2020


Title: When We Were Lost

Author: Kevin Wignall

Series: Stand alone novel

Country: United States of America

Publisher: Jimmy Patterson Books / Little, Brown and Company

First Published: 2019

Pages: 306

Publisher Description:

A plane crash.
A savage jungle.
Hope hope of rescue.
How long would you survive?

A gripping white-knuckle thriller set in the unknown depths of the Amazon jungle, When We Were Lost explores the razor-thin line between life and death, and what it really means to be alive.


A group of high school students are on their way to Costa Rica for a two-week school sponsored environmental field trip, when their plane crashes in a remote dense jungle. The plane is torn in half – nineteen students in the tail-end of the plane survive.

Together the group must now survive in a hostile jungle environment, that includes animals, reptiles, insects, the heat, lack of food – and each other.

The novel is written in third person, but the narrative focuses on the point-of-view of seventeen-year-old Tom Colloway. Tom has been orphaned since he was nine and feels like an outsider.

Many reviewers have drawn parallels to Lord of the Flies and Lost. Although other than a plane crash and the characters being young there isn’t a huge number of parallels really.

It is an action packed adventure with enough gripping twists and turns to keep the reader hooked but unfortunately the story lacks any strong character development, and the ending feels a little rushed and flat.


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I borrowed this book from my public library.

Book Club Pick

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

Book Club Pick: February 2018


Book Details:

Title: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Author: James Patterson

Series: Maximum Ride series (Book #1)

Country: United States of America

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company – Hachette Book Group

First Published: 2005

Pages: 432 (hardback); 448 (paperback)

Publisher’s Description:

Her full name is Maximum Ride. And the girl can fly.

Max’s Missions:

  • Protect the rest of her gang – Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel – from a pack of half-wolf, half-humans with a taste for flying humans.
  • Rescue Angel from a crew of wack-job kidnappers.
  • Infiltrate a secret facility to track down her friends’ missing parents.
  • Get revenge on the one person she thought she could trust.
  • Discover the best chocolate chip cookie in New York City.
  • Save the whole world, for crying out loud.

Not necessarily in that order, of course.


The novel follows six children – Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gassman and Angel, who have escaped a facility known as ‘The School’. It is here that genetic experiments were performed on the children. They were injected with avian DNA (98% human; 2% bird), meaning that each child has wings and is able to fly.

The group is being hunted by the Erasers, a group of half human / wolf mutants from The School. When the youngest Angel (age 6) is captured the rest of the group must save her.

14 year-old Max is the leader of the group and novel is written from her point-of-view. The novel uses a third person perspective when the Max is not present.

The chapters are very short (2-5 pages) making it an easy read. The short chapters also give the narrative a fast-paced, action-packed feel.

While there is a lot action there is very little character development, and the ending leaves a lot of unanswered questions to be explored over the series.

A film adaptation was released in 2016.



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Source: I borrowed this book from my public library.